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"Aika de Kishimen" ...Project


Song: true my heart

Lyrics: a.k.a.dRESS & 佐倉紗織
Music & Arrangement: a.k.a.dRESS (ave;new)
Original Artist: ave;new feat. 佐倉紗織
Video: りにあ & 板猫

Vocals, Mix & Video: 藍微

MP3: LOOOOOOOOL ARE YOU INSANE but you can drop me a comment for it or something
NND: *soon*



Thank you for 300+ subs! This is my 3rd subspecial (my 2nd one is still in work). I hope you liked it. The two songs in these were done separately. I recorded the Shingeki version after the Magi one. LOL recording those was fun. Anyways, thank you again.

"Hacking to the Gate" Cover

Song: Hacking to the Gate
Lyrics & Music: 志倉千代丸 - Shikura Chiyomaru
Arrangement: 磯江俊道 - Isoe Toshimichi
Original Artist: いとうかなこ - Itou Kanako

Vocals: 藍微 - Aika lol that's me.
Video Encoding: 藍微 - Aika APPARENTLY THAT'S ME AS WELL.



Thanks to Eyes-nee-san a bunch that she mixed lots of anime covers for me again today~ This one here is the first of two uploads for today :3

*applying the tactics of cannibalistic uploads again*


yay~ aika finally decided to start up a blog (that she will be probably abandoning after a few days xD).

this blog will be something like a diary (maybe xD) and a storage of my terrible self-written lyrics (which don't rhyme at all - that's deliberate btw), song covers and other stuff i'll randomly throw into this...

so er... since i have no idea wt to write now~ *shot* xD please visit eyes' blog! <3 she's an awesome person and i stole her idea was inspired by her to get a blog on my own~ x3