minecraft, i curse you. i curse you. i curse you. i curse you. i curse you!

okay, why the hate message? xD because i got it recommended by a dear friend called nitrox (oh yeah, bby, he CAN sing. =3=b)... well, it wouldn't work on my laptop first. so i quickly gave up (oh yes, i'm just like this - passive and submissive. love me for that x'D) and raikyo (one of my wonderful net-daughters ;D) started playing it.

they became obsessive gamers with that game O_o" well, they had been obsessive gamers before already xD like with ragnarok, etc. oh geezus, i feel so left out everytime they start a call and begin their gaming session... T^T

so i prepared myself to play it. i somehow could make it work. BUT: it was lagging like hell. my physical wtever-it's-called went over 90% - WTF. Dx

HOWEVER! once i'd get another computer or laptop or wtever- I SHALL CHALLENGE YOU AGAIN, MINECRAFT! D8< YES, I SWEAR I WILL! xDDDDDDDDD

PS: yes, i thought it was time to post something funny after two heavy posts before. ;D hope you had fun reading it! 8D