hohoho, hello :3 i'm back! x'D i know - it's only been a few days, but from now on, i'll be free! x'DDDDDD all hail graduation! /o/ gosh - i've graduated... Q_Q i'll miss the times when i just could spend my time at school studying... and not caring for a single time about how much money i'd spend on anything D8 ....er...yes, okay, i admit, i haven't been studying too much for the pats years x'D *is a lazy bum* "OTL at least i'll study something with more reason and meaning to me starting from october in uni! /o/

and yo, everyone, i need your help :3 everyone in our form has to choose a personal song, from which 30 seconds will be cut out. these 30 seconds of the song will be played at the graduation ceremony! x'D it's like you get up from your table and march to the stage where the headteacher is standing and then these 30 seconds of YOUR personal song will be played x'D

okay, and now this is where i need YOUR help :3 the graduation ceremony will be on friday. and i have no idea which song to play there x'D btw, i have to send in the song by tomorrow, so it'd be great if everyone helped with a suggestion x'D

and don't come with the friday song by rebecca black. <- i'd really consider this 8'D