An otaku who can't distinguish reality from his dreams and is totally angsty and a tiny bit gaga. (No relation to Lady Gaga intended.) I wonder a tiny bit if I should continue watching CHAOS;HEAD. O_O For now the first episode hasn't given me too good of an impression.

But I also watched the first two episodes of Steins;Gate. Well, the first episode was really, really boring. However, the second episode totally won me over. Different time lines going on next to each other and such, I dig such stuff!

Haha, this comes from a friend though, she once told me about it. Her father was a physician, so that would probably explain why she liked these very complex theories... xD

Anyways, I can't really explain it, but I essentially thought that it would be like, if I'm on this planet (our dear Earth trolol) and you're on for example another planet called Amnesia (I'm shot dead forever xD) which is far away like no tomorrow.

Afterwards, the star your planet is revolving around explodes and just dies and all the light goes away, blablabla. So now, you basically freeze to death can't see anything anymore, right?

But since it takes half an eternity for this light to reach us, we still think the star is there, although it basically is not.

This means, that you (on your planet Amnesia) are on another timeline than I am (on my dear Earth).

Well. I am very bad at explaining stuff. So er... Yeah, I'll just go back and read my Bakuman chapter and then maybe play The Sims Social on Facebook. Ahahahaha, I'm so shallow.