Singing hiatus

As of now, I have lost quite a lot of data and files I've been recording. Before, I wanted to ragequit singing, but thanks to Mommy Minnie's efforts, I won't. I thought it through and I won't stop singing. But, I won't be upping any songs in near future except for "Kamuiyou" and "Melancholic" maybe.

I've experienced several problems regarding my laptop already and I'm not very keen on having all my data wiped again. Since I won't be able to record in the dorms, I've been recording 7 songs before already (2 weeks ago). But, since all the data is wiped now (also animation-wise), I absolutely feel frustrated and don't have any intention on starting singing soon.

Many people who know me also know about that I only sing when my throat allows me to. Most of the time it doesn't. Also, I'll be focussing on my studies and getting a life - so I may be not updating my blog as much as I should. Please forgive me.

That aside, I'll also go on indefinite hiatus on twitter. If there's anything urgent or you want to let me know, please use skype. :3 I'll still hang around there like a NEET, so no worries about not being able to contact me. ;3