"Tooku Kimi e" cover

Song: 遠く君へ - Tooku Kimi e
Lyrics: エリコ - Eriko/Elico
Music: 笹子重治 - Sasago Shigeharuo
Arrangement: コーコーヤ - Koukouya
Original Artist: アンヌ - Anne (中島愛 - Nakajima Megumi)

Vocals: 藍微 - Aika lol that's me.
Video: Izaya (REI)
MP3: http://bit.ly/pJdcrs

Pictures are all taken from Pixiv.net and Safebooru.org. Sadly I can't remember who all drew those. If you do know, please let me know and I'll credit them properly!


Heyya, this is Aika here!


Thanks a lot, Izaya-chan, for animating this, although I sing different lyrics (blame my ears for not hearing them properly orz) and my singing is flat in general... orz *cries aloud*

And of course, also a huge thanks to Eyes-nee-san, who mixed this! ;w;/ *depends on the same people like forever*


Izaya-chan's message:

Yay! I'm done with the third PV request from Aika-kaasan /o/!!

Hell yeah! Hello, people 8D This is REI hacking oka-san's account hurhur;; U-Uhm, I did another PV! It was requested by my oka-saaaan, Aika-saaan o uo) And this song is sung awesomely, and mixed awesomely, but presented with a horrible PV animation AHAHA

My first PV made for Aika-san was her 'Buranko' cover, (but her old acc. got banned orz) and the second was the song by solerica-san. And so, this counts as my third! I'm happy
to accept requests q u q) I have lots of fun making them! *A*)// So, I'm also open with you all requesting : D (Just don't expect it to be done in 1-3 days, it'll probably take me
4-5 days after request was made before I can do the PV, depending on my mood... LOOL)

EYES-chanchan did a good job in mixing this ; u ; ! I adore you all godly mixers!

So yes, I'll stop blabbing now : D Thank you for watching yet another PV from me ; u;)// I hope you enjoy it!