Cold! Secret Santa and Japanese Dates

Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold! But my cold's gone, although the weather's so cold! 8'D I'm so happy that I don't have to cough anymore. ;w;)b

I'm also behaving like some bear, going to bed early and waking up early or something. xD Maybe it's because of the cold? O3O It's really cold though... orz

And it's getting even colder! ;w; Christmas is moving up soon and I'm participating in the YT Dubbers Secret Santa event organised by Kenta-nii and mong :3

Actually, since I entered the event without having any expectations, I wasn't too much surprised or anything when I read the name of my giftee. I don't know her personally, but hey, nevermind that fact, I'll try to give her a nice present :3

...I certainly was surprised about what her hints for her present were... The genre the hints are hinting at (no pun intended xD) doesn't really fit my voice. orz I tried combining my "trademark" traditional songs with her hints and voilà, I've found a song. xD

I won't do too well on this genre, but I'll try my best. :3

That aside, I'm not trying to crave for attention in class, but for some reason this one guy (let's call him Ooinu-kun) always sits next to me. RIGHT BESIDE ME.

I mean... Eh?! Why you be doing this, Ooinu-kun? D8 Don't you know that me, Ooneko-sama *shot*, is your natural enemy?!

I don't mind him, but he's somewhat confuzzling me with that behaviour. x'D Talk of guys, I'm trying to get language partners. :3 In Germany, you call them "Tandem Partner", those are persons who meet up with you and help you with one language while you help them with another language. :3 *win-win situation? xD*

...They'll probably be guys though... I don't know. Apparently there are more guys than girls looking for language partners. orz Oh god.

PS: Doesn't the title sound like some typically Japanese episode/article title? xD