"Shourinka" Cover

Song: 傷林果 - Shourinka
Lyrics: 綾部ふゆ
Music: ZUN
Arrangement: 福嶋頼秀
Original Artist: 杏ノ助 - Kyounosuke
Instrumental: kineiennami (YT - NND)

Vocals: 藍微 - Aika lol that's me.
Mix: Kura
Video: izaya (REI)
Illustration: Fukahire Rinne

MP3: http://bit.ly/HkqOTJ
NND: http://bit.ly/H2HMUG

Thank you, Kura and Izaya-chan for mixing and animating! :)

I suck balls in this dub. Yeah, that's it.


Izaya-chan's comment:

Hi guys. Just finished this. I am working very hard but excuse my laziness that I have to re-animate because my files got deleted and now it failed even more (__ __);;" I am doing what I can OTL. P-Please bear with such disgusting PVs from me for a bit ;;; Ahh. *gives cookies*


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*plugs in the ZB entry*

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