New layout

Oh hey, here's a blogpost. So yeah, here's a new layout for you. I find it cute. And I also added a new category called "Rankings", so have fun with that.

My life's been a mess lately, I had terrible nightmares, and my hikikomoriness got worse and worse. I'm lacking sleep.

I play a few smartphone games right now. "Ayakashi Ghost Guild", about which I've already blogged in here, and a few otome games: "Be My Princess for Gree", "My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree", "Celebrity Darling for Gree" and "Forbidden Love". I've also played, "Love Academy", "Love Academy BL" and "Ninja Love", but I stopped rather quickly. xD

You can see me tweet the CG pictures of the Gree games quite often, so I guess you're already familiar with that.

I watched a lot anime too, mostly anime with English or German dubs. I like to listen to them as I fall asleep. I also enjoy having them run along while I do some work, hence why I recently prefer anime with dubs I can actually understand.

My Japanese is nowhere near sufficient enough to comprehend everything, but I'll try. That's that, I'm reading a lot for uni so I didn't really have time for myself.

I couldn't start on any of the animations I planned/was working on, nor was I able to finish any dubs - but this may also be because my mixer, Nao, has experienced some technical problems with her PC.

Anyways, this is my life at the moment. I barely blog and often forget about the existence of this blog as of late, please bear with me.