"ət'æk 0N tάɪtn" Cover

Song: ət'æk 0N tάɪtn

Lyrics: Rie
Music & Arrangement: HIROYUKI SAWANO
Illustration: りついち, しゅん, Cadsu, 虾饺先生, クライン & まぐ
Vocals, Mix & Video: 藍微

MP3: http://tmbox.net/pl/327338
NND: http://nico.sc/sm21384064


Well, I'm even more hipster than the rest and NOT singing Guren no Yumiya (I'll sing it sooner or later anyway, my god, i've been practicing this song since the moment episode 1 of Shingeki no Kyojin came out :|), instead I did ATTACK ON TITAN. Bwahahahaha.

Singing this was quite fun. Not a lot of words and this time the grammar's correct, I was quite contented. And it was fun to sing this in my MOST DRAMATIC voice ever, I one-shotted this too, so yeah this be pitchy a lot.

I was so inspired, my god I even actually mixed this AND made an original PV ahahahahahaha. I should really have worked on my presentation, but I was just so inspired and I needed to vent off. (I still wonder how I managed to get the vacuuming noise out of my vocals, but maybe my PC was just being cooperative for once today...)

This is my first time doing an original PV for myself and allowing myself to play around with things so it looks rather awkward and the timing's not the best but hussah 1920x1080 what do you even want.

See you, you idiots. May I have finished my presentation the next time I upload something.


plug in of Vanistiana's MBCB round 2 entry. Have some dancing moves.