Notice about the Vocafusion Chorus Battle Round Rankings (II)

I follow people on twitter. I see outcries. I feel the urge to post a statement.

I know that my ranking's nowhere near correct.

I know that my data is faulty.

I know that my formula's falsifying ranks.

I apologise for it.

But. Please understand: I am not able to bother every chorus group everyday repeatedly to deliver me data that will probably have slight to no changes.

I'm especially not able to tell them to log into their account and check the google insight data, only for me to mess around with it afterwards.

For your information, I collect data at least 5 times a day. Twice for general data collection with a break of several hours. And the whole rest when I'm actually calculating and typing the ranking.

Data changes. It changes a lot. Especially at entries of ViviChem. (I'm not a hater, I like ViviChem.)

But see: I collect data and type. Five minutes I refresh the video site and there are 5 new added faves and 10 more likes. Alas, I need to recalculate.

Now don't just look at ViviChem. Every single other entry has frequent data changes. Some more, some less.

But I can't afford to run to every single spokesperson of a group and ask them for their google insight data. It's a bother for me, it's a bother for them and makes both parties look stupid.

And I'm not talking about how I'd still need to figure out some formula to contain all that data. Guys, I absolutely HATE Maths. Please don't make me cry.

I'm doing my best not to bother anyone and still get decent data (today I already failed and had to bother *Heaven Hell* for it - I apologise again, but by no means can I guarantee that this is a well-made ranking.

Contrarily, this is a very faulty ranking. I know that.

I'm happy that apparently many people frequent my blog for it, however please take into account that I'm doing this at my free will as one of the most unprofessionals ever.

And: Please. This is not a popularity ranking. It's true that I give the amount of favourites way too many points, but please understand.

My ranking has always been (in my head at least) a ranking of singles, released by girl groups and boy groups and co-ed groups or any other groups.

Views = Virtual buys on the internet (e.g. iTunes) and distributive circle to the mass. The more people download a song, the wider the distributive circle to the mass a release gets.

Comments = Ads and distributive circle to the mass. The more ads a song has, the wider the distributive circle. (Keyword: Propaganda from mouth to mouth.)

Favourites = Real buys in physical copies and fancrowd. (Be honest to yourself. You download a new music release you like. Do you like it enough to actually buy the physical copy?)

Likes = Good critique. The better the critique, the better the reaction of the crowd. (In this case there'll be lots of propaganda from mouth to mouth again. - e.g. "Have you heard that Lady has an awesome new song out?" "Not yet, let me listen!")

Dislikes = Bad critique. The worse the critique, the worse the impact onto the crowd. (e.g. If someone tells me Lady Gaga's music is sh*t, I won't listen to it, unless I know that her music is not sh*t. Right?)

You see, I think a lot about my ranking and their components, therefore I give certain components more points than other ones.

Nevertheless, don't take this ranking seriously. It's just a bunch of stats, listed up for fun.

Chorus battles may and may not be popularity contests, but this is neither for me to decide, nor for my ranking to show.

Whether you pass or not pass a Vocafusion round is 90% decided by the judges.

And no, my ranking won't affect the judges in any matter.


Thank you for reading.

I rarely give out cookies, but hey, good job, you made it till here! *gives the attentive readers cookies of love*