"Alice" Cover

For all you guys who don't have their captions on, I got permission to upload this here.

This video has been made for the "マギ冬の謝肉宴" (Winter Maharagan - Nico Magi Eight Days) series on NicoNico Douga! Please don't reprint and use without permission!

However, if you want to use the PV again, please ask the original creator smalld first. You can contact him via twitter here: @smalldnico

Song: Alice

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement: 古川P
Original Artist: 古川P様 feat. 初音ミク
Video: smalld

Vocals, Mix: 藍微

MP3: https://app.box.com/s/9d1cpzmqjp6sxbcfvx9y
NND: http://nico.ms/sm21879068


...So I felt sad and kinda inspired. Also, please watch in HD.

This is for Candey & Hakuryuu. Candey gets this because she likes Hakuryuu (who doesn't). Anyways, please become happy, Hakuryuu... It's heartbreaking to see this guy live in all that mess. OTL

I asked smalld-san and he allowed me to use this. Yay! ...Man this is so sad and the more I listen and watch this, it only gets sadder and sadder. Life is sad.