It's been some time

It's been some time I posted here. Today too, I'm living my life soundly. I have become a shut-in. I don't like going outside and interacting with people. It is nice to socialize, but it wears me out. I prefer to sit at home, watch anime and movies, read manga and stories and write some myself.

I realize that I will probably never make any money from this, but it makes me happy. I am still in university, but I can't make any progress at all. I was sick for a longer time, I burned out and couldn't attend class. I regressed back to my shut-in persona.

This September I'm going to Japan to study for a year abroad - I honestly don't know how to do this. It's very expensive. I am still unable to do many things, but I am slowly facing forward and moving with baby steps into the right direction I think.

Please look after me.