Fear the security dorm card & code!

I tweeted it all before, but here are all my tweets concerning my new flat/dorm again :3 Please excuse all my spelling and grammar and logical mistakes, I was randomly sharing my story without looking at them... ^^; You also may notice the change of character in my tweets. In comparison to my blog posts, my tweets are usually a bit hyper.

aika1801: i'm back ^^/

aika1801: ...alright, i saw my dorm. and the flat inside the dorm that i'd be sharing with my ...flatmates? dormmates?

aika1801: this house is so awesome. whenever i want to ring at someone's bell, i have to enter their flatcode.

aika1801: for example: mine is 00-12. whenever you come visit me, PRESS THAT ONE PLEASE. AND ONLY TAHT ONE.

aika1801: the flat itself is small and...well. it consists of one big room as a kitchen, one storage room, one toilet, one bathroom and the three rooms of myself and my 2flatmates.

aika1801: they're all girls and my room is right in the middle.

aika1801: ...i haven't met them yet. 8DDDDD but well er. i carried my bike inside the room. lols

aika1801: and er, yes, i got a card and a key.

aika1801: the key is for getting the mail box xD

aika1801: BUT WTH this whole system of locking the door, then holding your card there, then unlocking it and then pull it and then push it to open the doors is so annoying! D8< i dun get iiiiit D<


aika1801: it's new though and i like the janitor. nice guy to hang around and chill with.

aika1801: btw, i checked the dorm members list: 6 koreans, 2 chinese, 1 viet (<- the viet is myself.) we need more asian peoples.

aika1801: and the rest is all wtevers. xD

aika1801: i'mma looking forward to move to that....house. orz really, i seriously do. "orz

aika1801: *sigh* my feet hurt. the way from dorm to uni is hella far. and my dad seriously wants me to go by bike. IS THAT A JOKE, DAD?! I'VE GOT ASTHMA!

aika1801: anyways, i'm going to go there tomorrow. yet again. xDDD maybe i'll see some of my flatmates x3 who knows? x3333

aika1801: btw, the student council provided us with lots of stuff O_O my room has a bed, boards, cupboards and table and chair O_O and the kitchen is there as well. i'm...surprised?

aika1801: my whole room is pure white - it makes me think that i'm in hospital xDDD and because the whole dorm is newly built, it reeeeeeeeks of this terrible smell of just having been built. orz

aika1801: alright, enough spam about my new dorm~ <3 *disappears into the shadows*